2015 CALPCC Professional Member Ballot

We are pleased to present to you the qualified candidates listed below for the open positions on the CALPCC Board of Directors.

We hope you will carefully review the qualifications and statements of all candidates before voting.

The ballot is located at the bottom of the candidate statements.

Please submit your ballot by midnight on June 4, 2015.

Thank you for participating in our fourth election!

Slate for President-Elect

Select ONE (1) from the following TWO (2) candidates, who are presented in alphabetical order.

David Joel Miller
MS in Counseling CSU Fresno

Professional Clinical Counseling is the wave of the future. I have always thought of myself as a counselor first and then a therapist. Had the LPCC license been available when I went through school that would have been my choice. As soon as the license was available I became an LPCC. My goal is to do all I can to improve the profession and the good it can do for our clients. Currently I chair the CALPCC legislative committee and am on the Ethics committee. Previously I have been on the board of directors for another non-profit. I write an internationally read Blog (counselorssoapbox.com) on current issues in counseling and work in a county run co-occurring program. I have taught in the counseling program at the local college since 2008. If you chose to elect me I will do my best to live up to your trust. It has been my pleasure to serve two terms on the CALPCC board.

Margaret A. O’Hara
MS Counseling – Long Island University

I am privileged with a dynamic leadership team serving as CALPCC Board Director/Ethics Chair, which enabled me to work closely with CA counseling dynamo, Dean Porter. Through Dean’s passion and drive licensure was accomplished. She broke through barriers others could not and built a solid foundation for CALPCC. The expression, “tough shoes to fill” hardly describes the task the board is charged with. Thus I believe the priorities for CALPCC include careful selection of leadership, professional identity for LPCCs, internship/employment opportunities, continuing education and getting LPCCs on insurance panels. I am Clinical Director at Balboa Horizons. With 25+years experience, I’m licensed in CA-LPCC and NY-LMHC, had a private practice, worked as clinical supervisor, school counselor, college instructor, and am certified in experiential therapy, Red Cross DMH, human services, school and substance abuse counseling. Named ‘Counselor of the Year’, I served 7 years on the EECA board, including President-Elect, President and Immediate Past-President. I was also ASGW President for NYCA. I believe who I am as a person, including my education and experience qualify me to effectively serve the association as President-Elect. I have a clear perspective on CALPCCs’ mission and vision. I am well equipped to carry the torch of our founding members and advance the profession with my own innovative ideas.

Slate for Secretary

Shyrea Minton
M.A. Educational Counseling – University of Redlands

I was elected to the CALPCC board during the last election cycle and I would like to continue my service on the board as board secretary. In this position, I can continue to be a voice and an advocate for LPCCs in the state and continue engaging in efforts to increase membership in order to sustain our organization. Connecting with LPCC education programs to reach students and interns is a must. Through my current position and past positions I have gained knowledge of and skills in strategic planning, problem solving, and advocacy for individuals and organizations. These skills have also been improved over this past year with service on the CALPCC board by effectively engaging with fellow board members in formation of the strategic plan and problem solving various areas. If elected, I look forward to continuing the mission and goals of the organization as board secretary.

Slate for Directors
Select TWO (2) directors from the following THREE (3) candidates, who are presented in alphabetical order.

Cara Maffini
PhD in Counseling Psychology, Indiana University Bloomington

Conversations regarding mental health are evolving across the nation and the increasing presence of LPCCs is contributing to progress in California. As a counselor educator at San Jose State University, I serve as the LPCC-Preparation Coordinator and Advisor helping students complete the educational requirements to become PCCIs after graduation. As part of the evolving conversation on mental health services, I also educate students on their role and the importance of licensure amidst the current landscape of mental health and counseling both in California and across the U.S. The LPCC is integral to mental health services in this state and gives masters level counselors a myriad of career opportunities. I hope to use my voice, training, and experience and collaborate with counselors across the state to further the prominence of LPCCs in an effort and move California forward in mental health training and service provision.

Heidi Paul

I have been excited about the development of the LPCC profession in the State of California, and am proud to be an LPCC. Organizations such as CALPCC are important as we consider advocacy, common concerns, growth, and visibility within the State of California. While I am interested in the field of counseling in general, I have specific expertise in the area of Rehabilitation Counseling. During my time as an Associate Professor at California State University, Los Angeles, I have taught various courses, including those that focus on counseling in general as well as specific courses related to rehabilitation. In addition to my work as a professor, I also maintain a private consulting practice and am passionate about advocating for clients. I have had a number of experiences that make me an ideal candidate to serve as a Board Member for CALPCC. I have served the profession of Rehabilitation Counseling as President of the Pacific Region, National Rehabilitation Association and President, California, National Rehabilitation Association. I have also served on many University committees. My work on these committees has required me to work both independently and collaboratively with faculty members and students. As a CALPCC board member, I would look forward to building relationships and collaborating with you. I thank you for your consideration.

Dione Taylor
Ed.D. Educational Leadership, Northern Arizona University; MA School Counseling, Point Loma Nazarene University; MA Clinical Psychology, Alliant International University

I am an ardent supporter of CALPCC and have enjoyed membership for several years. I would welcome the opportunity for Board membership to continue supporting the work of each licensed professional clinical counselor in this long overdue licensure in the State of California. California LPCC’s require ongoing advocacy to extend their ability to practice and bill accordingly for the mental health services they provide. If elected, my tenure on the Board would be inclusive of active participation and continued personal advocacy for this profession. As the resident Counselor Educator, I gave a formal presentation to my university Cabinet members and introduced the benefits of developing an LPCC program. I have also presented to the graduate students in the program I direct and assisted several as they pursued their PCCI registration. I have been a Board member of San Diego Family Care for 16 years. SDFC is a non-profit, federally funded, County Health Care system with a budget size of 17.3 million and employing 246 medical and mental health professionals. I have served as the elected Treasurer since October of 2005, having been re-elected every two years, and the Chair of the Finance Committee. I also understand the BBS requirements for licensure. It would be a privilege to work with equally passionate individuals who wish to see this profession flourish.