2015 Committee Descriptions

Committee Descriptions

Conference Committee
Plan and coordinate annual statewide CALPCC conference, working with Education Committee, local Regional Network coordinators, and others as appointed. Serve as liaison to host site to finalize site arrangements, work with CALPCC Executive Director and webmaster to post conference details, and work with host site to coordinate student volunteers.

Education Committee
Coordinate sessions and speakers for regional and statewide CALPCC conferences and workshops, as well as coordinating CEs for all educational sessions. Assist in planning and coordinate regional and/or statewide CALPCC workshops and conference with the Conference and Regional Networks Committees. Coordinate Counselor Educator’s Consortium of statewide counseling faculty.

Ethics Committee
Comprised of no fewer than four persons, including the Chair, who serves on the CALPCC Board of Directors, two members from the professional membership of CALPCC and the Executive Director (ex officio), this Committee is responsible for educating the membership about the ACA Code of Ethics, responding to requests for interpretations of the ACA Code of Ethics and processing complaints of alleged violations of the ACA Code of Ethics against CALPCC members.

Legislative Committee
Work with CALPCC Lobbyist to review and follow active legislation affecting LPCCs and make recommendations for support or oppose positions as needed.

Marketing Committee
Co-ordinate messaging. Collaborate with Executive Director and others to ensure that language used for website,advertising, presentations and related resources is consistent.Design promotional materials & activities with emphasis on potential employers of LPCCs and the general public.Develop and implement social media strategy; monitor and post information to CALPCC social media accounts.

Membership Committee
Implement recruitment and outreach strategies to attract potential members, both professionals and students/interns. Work with CALPCC Board to prioritize and enhance member services at this stage of the organization’s development in order to retain membership.

Professional Practice Committee
Address a variety of issues for members, including private practice, supervision, insurance reimbursement for LPCC services, Webinars or workshop topics, or other topics related to professional practice. Educate membership on learning opportunities through CALPCC and others as well as trending issues for professional practice.

Regional Networking Groups
Coordinate regional networking groups with local coordinators. Assist coordinators in contacting CALPCC members in their region and arranging networking meetings.  Work with Education Committee to ensure quality CEU workshop opportunities. 

Student/Intern Committee
Chaired by Student/Intern representative and consist of other student/intern members who will focus on ways to provide activities, information, and training for CALPCC members in these categories. Work with other committees as needed.

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