2015 Student Intern Ballot

We are pleased to present to you the qualified candidates listed below for the open position of Student / Intern Director on the CALPCC Board of Directors.

We hope you will carefully review the qualifications and statements of all candidates before voting.

The Ballot is located at the bottom of the candidate statements.

Please submit your ballot by midnight on June 4, 2015.

Thank you for participating in our fourth election!


Slate for Student / Intern Director

Select ONE (1) from the following THREE (3) candidates, who are presented in alphabetical order.

Kristen Curry
MA Clinical Counseling – California School of Professional Psychology, Alliant International University, San Francisco, CA

As a registered clinical counseling intern, director of a nonprofit organization, and working therapist, I have working knowledge of multiple aspects of the business. It is important for individuals in leadership positions to not only have experience in their leadership role, but to also understand what it is to be working in the trenches. I have the opportunity to work as a social justice advocate and advocate for change from the top down and the bottom up. I listen to the community of professionals, as well as the community of clients, formulating a perspective that not only benefits the growth and professionalism of myself as a PCCI and CEO, but a perspective that benefits and perpetuates change in the way mental health community services are provided as a whole. I am a social justice advocate and an advocate for change, and I believe that the clinical counseling industry is changing the way California views and practices mental health services. Currently I am an active board member of a local nonprofit, acting as co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. Past board president for a local nonprofit supporting music and performing arts in local high schools. Past client rights committee member for a large nonprofit organization under county contract with Sacramento County mental health services. Past fundraising committee chair for a Sacramento County mental health regional support team. All previous and current committee and board positions include, but are not limited to, skills of working in a team role, team leadership, executive powers, social justice advocacy, community/committee and community/board liaison, project management, monthly/quarterly/annual reports, event planning, implementation and enforcement of policies and procedures.

Andrew Stenhouse
Ed.D., Pepperdine University / M.S. Clinical Psychology, Vanguard University

My passion is to help adults in transition discover restoration and hope. As a teacher / counselor / team builder, my primary focus is to help others navigate life’s changing terrain. In addition to my work in academe, I directed thirty-five programs, workshops, support groups, and counseling center supporting those experiencing life transitions. I served as a spiritual care and bereavement counselor, helping patients and families cope with illness, loss, and provided grief care for surviving family members. I also conducted supervised counseling for men, women, and couples experiencing a variety of challenges due primarily to adjustments such as job loss, divorce, family conflict, and career development. At the Orange County Rescue Mission, I conducted supervised counseling for men with mid to low global functioning capacity, most in recovery from drug and/or alcohol addiction and many re-entering community after incarceration. I currently serve on the board of directors for The Values Institute, the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce, Santa Ana Economic Development Committee, and as member and chair of several committees at the university.

Lenny (Shu Hao) Teo
The University of Iowa

When I first came to San Francisco – California, I was so lost about getting my intern license. The requirements for the intern license are really different than the state where I got my graduate degree. Luckily, I reach out to CALPCC. I received the information that I needed to apply for my intern license. Therefore, I am hoping to be a board member so that I can help out other who might be in the similar situation as I used to be.



2015 Student/Intern Election

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