2016 Board of Directors Ballot


2016 CALPCC Board of Directors Ballot

We are pleased to present to you the candidates listed below for the open positions on the CALPCC Board of Directors. We hope you will carefully review the qualifications and statements of all candidates before voting.

The ballot is located at the bottom of the candidate statements.
Please submit your ballot by midnight on June 10, 2016.
Thank you for participating in our sixth election!


Cara Maffini

Assistant Professor, San Jose State University
9 yrs. in Counseling Field

I initially ran for the CALPCC Board of Directors to promote and advocate for counselors and join the conversation on mental health and the LPCC at the state level. During my time on the CALPCC Board of Directors, I have grown in my understanding of the dynamics, interworking, strengths and challenges of CALPCC and ongoing challenges facing counselors across the state. At San Jose State University, I am a counselor educator and prepare students who are interested in pursuing licensure after graduation. My research examines intersections of race, culture and mental health within trauma. Through these experiences, I stay current in research and counseling content and practice. My passion for mental health, learning, and educating future counselors are integral to my professional identity. In serving in the three-year presidential cycle, I will bring these skills and continued commitment to promoting CALPCC and mental health awareness across the state. I have been on the CALPCC Board of Directors since July 2015. I am currently in the middle of serving a three-year term. I served as the 2016 Conference Chair. I oversaw a committee who helped plan the event and communicated regular updates with the Board regarding the event. Overall, it was a successful conference. I look forward to continued support and involvement in CALPCC conference events.


Jeffrey Bornstein

Private Practice
LPCC 423
8 yrs. in Counseling Field

I have been a proud supporter of CALPCC ever since moving to California in 2012. I have served as the Regional Coordinator for LA County from 2013-2015 and I also helped to coordinate the 2014 Inaugural SoCal Conference in Los Angeles. I currently serve on the CALPCC Board of Directors as the Chairperson of the Membership Committee. I believe that I am especially well-suited to serve as Treasurer-Elect. I have a Master of Professional Accounting and Taxation degree and previous experience as a Certified Public Accountant in Ohio and the country of Ukraine. I enjoy working with others, am detail-oriented, and bring passion and energy to everything I do. I would like to continue my service to CALPCC in the role of Treasurer-Elect.

Slate for Director

Arolyn Burns

Private Practice, Intern Supervisor, Director of Operations – The A Treatment Center

23 yrs. in Counseling Field

We have arrived! Now let’s make our mark! I am excited to be a part of this
noble profession. I have been licensed as a therapist since 2003 and am LPCC 54 in CA. I am motivated to advocate for LPCCs to be recognized as leaders in corporate settings, having at least one LPCC in every Human Resources Department. I have worked for DCFS for 15 years, facilitated trainings for CEUs, grown my private practice, supervised interns, & directed operations at The A Treatment Center for nearly 10 years. I am a crisis responder for several organizations including Media Fellowship International (served at the Cajun dome after Katrina). I have volunteered with an extensive number of organizations & committees, been a board member for the Association of Batterer Intervention Providers (ABIP), & currently serve on the Board of Possibilities Inc. As a CALPCC Board member I would advocate for more distinction between other professions & pursue more recognition in hospital & corporate settings. I enjoy event planning, networking, speaking & helping any way I can. Thank you for your consideration. I would like to help make LPCCs more recognized in the community and offer my services as an event coordinator and planner

Nola Butler-Byrd

Associate Professor and Community-Based Block Program Director,
San DIego State University
LPCC 1390
15 yrs. in Counseling Field

I would like to serve as a CALPCC Board Member. In this capacity I plan to represent our diverse needs and interests, while developing a deeper understanding of the strengths and challenges we face, in order to serve our community more effectively. I have taught and supervised counseling students in the SDSU Community-Based Block (CBB) Multicultural Counseling and Social Justice Education Program for over 15 years. I currently serve as the program’s director where I work with faculty and students to develop social justice knowledge, skills and abilities by integrating democratic shared governance processes into community counselor preparation. Under my leadership, the CBB Program has transitioned from a one-year program that prepared unlicensed counselors, to a two-year program that prepares Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors. Since 2004, I have served as a faculty mentor for the SDSU African American Mentoring Program. I have also served as College of Education Representative to the SDSU University Senate for the past five years. Other experiences include chairing the Department of Counseling and School Psychology and the SDSU University Senate Diversity, Equity and Outreach Committee. I am the 2013 recipient of the SDSU Faculty Diversity Award.

Bonnie Funk

LPCC 1742
12 yrs. in Counseling Field

I am interested in being a CALPCC board member because I want to continue advocating for our profession, networking with other therapists and adding members to the association. I am currently CALPCC’s Los Angeles Regional Coordinator and have been in that role for over six months. In this position, I’ve coordinated local bi-monthly networking events, participated in regular CALPCC Coordinator meetings and have presented to universities on how to be licensed, as well as how to join CALPCC. In addition, I am on the California Disaster Mental Health Coalition (CDMHC) where we meet regularly to discuss opportunities for more professionals to be Red Cross certified and able to volunteer during disasters. I promote CALPCC membership, personally and professionally, in order to strengthen the profession in California. When I gave CALPCC presentations to the universities, I emphasized the importance of membership in order to access valuable professional resources.

Peggy Lucchesi

Military and Family LIfe Counselor, Magellan Health
LPCC 1932
20 yrs. in Counseling Field

I have been in private practice in New Jersey and New York (LMHC 4107-1) for the past 20 years. I moved to California and received my license (LPCC 1932) in March 2015. I am interested in becoming more involved in CALPCC and helping to grow the organization. I was on the board of the New York Chapter of Imago Relationship Therapists (NYAIRT) for four years, 2008 – 2012, the last three years as President and worked to grow the membership. I recruited a private practice coach for two presentations on “How to Explode Your Practice,” how to create an effective, user-friendly website and how to use social media. I would like to chair the Private Practice Committee to share what I know and help CALCC members create the private practice of their dreams. For the past year, I have been employed by Magellan Health, Inc. as a Military Family and Life Counselor at Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, CA. I attended the 2014 and 2015 CALPCC conferences and was on the CALPCC 2016 Conference Committee in charge of CEs for Done in a Day training sessions and for the conference.

Lisa Manca

Director of Activities, City and County of San Francisco
LPCC 270
8 yrs. In FIeld of Counseling

I would like to serve on the Board of Directors for CALPCC because I believe in the CALPCC mission of building and supporting the recognition and utilization of the field of counseling in mental health in CA. As a dance/movement therapist, I know how hard it can be to serve in a little recognized field in mental health and would love the opportunity to continue to help support CALPCC in any way possible. I work with various mental health disciplines in my role as Director of Activities and understand the nuances of promoting a profession while recognizing other disciplines for their work. I have also worked in getting funding through grants for the past 4 years. As the nominations chair for the American Dance Therapy Association of CA I am connected to many dance/movement therapists and would like to further the connection between the CAADTA and CALPCC. I am working on establishing my own professional practice and an aware of the many issues LPCCs in private practice face and the issues surrounding jobs in the San Francisco area. I would look forward to working with a group of counseling professionals that are enthusiastic about our profession’s role in providing mental health services! I am currently serving as Regional Networking Coordinator for CALPCC in the San Francisco and San Mateo regions.