2016 Call for Nominations


As CALPCC comes to the end of its fifth full year as a membership organization, the Nominating Committee is preparing for the annual election, which will provide the Board leadership needed for our sixth year (July 2016-June 2017). In addition, we need to build strong committees through member participation.

How will the new membership categories affect the election?
As required in our Bylaws and explained in a 2015 Update, new membership categories replaced the Charter membership categories of Professional Members and Student/Intern Members on January 1, 2016. The new categories include Clinical Members (licensed), Affiliate Members (not licensed), Pre-licensed Members (students and interns), Emeritus Members (retired) and Honorary Members. The Bylaws stipulate that:

  • Only Clinical Members can serve on the CALPCC Board
  • Only Clinical Members can vote for the Officers and Board Directors
  • Pre-licensed members can vote for the Pre-licensed Board Director
  • Affiliate Members and Emeritus Members are cannot serve on the Board or vote for Directors, but we would be pleased to have them serve on Committees

Clinical Members: CALPCC will mail ballots for Board Directors to Clinical members with a LPCC license # in their CALPCC membership profile. (In order to transition the Professional members into Clinical or Affiliate members, all Professional members were categorized as Clinical members. Those who do not add their license number to their profile will not receive a ballot, cannot run for the Board and can renew as an Affiliate member at his or her regular renewal date.)

  • Members who have a LPCC license should update their CALPCC profile with their license number, if they have not already done so, before May 20th, when the ballots will be sent electronically.
  • Interns who have earned their LPCC license, while a Pre-licensed member, can contact <membership@calpcc.org> and we will add your license number to your profile, so you can participate in the election as a candidate or as a voter. There will be no increase in dues for the reminder of your membership year. At your renewal date, you can change your level to Clinical and pay the clinical dues.

The CALPCC Board:
CALPCC has a 15-member Board of Directors, including six Officers: President, President Elect, Past President, Treasurer, Treasurer-Elect and Secretary. This year, the Nominating Committee is seeking:

  • President-Elect – must have served on Board at least one year (3 year cycle)
  • Treasurer-elect (4 year cycle)
  • Three Board positions (3 year cycle)
  • One Student/Intern Board position (1 Year cycle)

In developing the voting slate, the Nominating Committee will take into consideration geographic representation and counseling specialties represented in the membership. The Committee will be looking for the skills and experiences that will enable candidates to take leadership roles with committees or key projects to move CALPCC forward. We are looking for candidates with previous board and committee experience. We are particularly looking for marketing, leadership, organizational, advocacy, legislative, and financial skills. See Criteria for Board Membership

Clinical Board Director: If you meet the criteria for Board membership and would like to be considered for placement of the ballot, please submit the Board Member Application

Pre-licensed Board Director: Students and interns are eligible to run for the Pre-licensed position on the Board and they will receive a ballot to elect this person. Check Student/Intern Board Member on the Board Member Application

All members are invited to serve on a CALPCC Committee. Please see Committee Descriptions and register your interest on the Committee Member Application