2016 Student / Intern Director Ballot


CALPCC 2016 Student / Intern Director Ballot

We are pleased to present to you the candidates listed below for the open position of Student / Intern Director on the CALPCC Board of Directors. We hope you will carefully review the qualifications and statements of all candidates before voting.

The Ballot is located at the bottom of the candidate statements.
Please submit your ballot by midnight on June 10, 2016
Thank you for participating in our sixth election!

Slate for Student / Intern Director
Select ONE (1) from the following Five (5) candidates, who are presented in alphabetical order.  Choice is submitted below candidate statements.

Thank you for participating.  The Election is now closed.

Nick Boyd

Naval Center for Combat and Operational Stress Control
Psychological Health Specialist

As a student intern/board member, I can bring firsthand experience of the concerns and challenges interns face in field. My current appointment with the Naval Center for Combat and Operational Stress Control (NCCOSC) not only allows  me to collaborate and consult at a high level within the Department of Defense (DoD), but has also provided insight into the lack of understanding of the capabilities of clinical counselors within the DoD and civilian sector alike. Should I be selected for this position, I would focus not only on advocacy and awareness, but also community outreach. My qualifications for this position extends beyond my current appointment with NCCOSC to also include experiences such as founding and developing a school-based mental health program for a local charter school and a teaching position with San Diego Community College as an adjunct faculty member.

Harvey Hyman

El Hogar Sierra Elder Wellness Center, Sacramento
Intern (Start Date July 2016)

I am an honors student with a 4.0 GPA in the master’s program for mental health counseling at Capella University. I start my pre-graduation internship at El Hogar in Sacramento this July where I will be counseling adults. My long term focus is practicing animal-assisted psychotherapy with abused/neglected children. I want to help shape the future of our profession in California by giving it a strong, distinctive professional identity and increasing its responsiveness to the needs of clients and CALPCC members. I also want the public to understand who we are, what we do, and how we can help. Students need help finding an appropriate internship compliant with BBS regulations, while interns need help making career decisions. It is important for us to network to develop solidarity; to ask questions of one another; and to share our internship experiences, clinical experiences, therapeutic wisdom, and professional contacts.

Raymond Mattes

Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet
Administer of Home Care

I am interested in serving as a Board Director for CALPCC to promote the field of professional counseling within California. As a registered intern, I believe that I will contribute important insights into both the professional rewards and challenges experienced in pursuit of licensure with California. Being an advocate for trainees/interns as well as for the profession as a whole to promote greater awareness, acceptance and portability of the LPCC within California’s behavioral health community would a goal of my service on the board. I bring prior board experience from a variety of not-for-profit organizations including a college preparatory high school, a regional community health systems and a homeless advocacy group. My specialization in gerontological counseling offers insights into specialized areas of concentration within the counseling profession. I have prior experience working on board sub-committees on membership recruitment, advancement and retention and developing creative strategies to enhance membership within an organization.

Bryan Milonja

Felton Institute, PREP/BEAM San Matteo
Staff Therapist

“In my work as a counselor I focus on early psychosis prevention and recovery. I enjoy working from a strengths-based, relationally-oriented lens to help my clients and their families move in the direction of resilience and growth. As an out-of-state graduate, I am aware of the hurdles being faced by counselors around professional recognition, jobs, and the registration process with the BBS. I believe I will be able to relate to members who are interns/students and always have their best interest in mind as they work towards becoming professional counselors. In the role of Student/Intern Representative, I would be greatly honored to collaborate with and learn from the trailblazers in our field who have been successful in promoting the work counselors do and in ensuring continued access to licensure, quality training, and a diversity of job opportunities. I am eager to continue advocating for the counseling profession in California.

Jennifer Taglieri

Chaffey Union HIgh School District
Therapist Trainee

My interest in serving on the CALPCC Board is to be part of the growth and prosperity of the PCC community. As I approach the completion of my graduate program I have realized that I have not met one person, student, trainee, or intern that is a member of CALPCC (outside of our association events). I would like to help change that. I would like to take part in promoting this association with our community as well as the communities we serve. I have been a member of the CALPCC marketing committee for the last year. Recently I have taken over the CALPCC Facebook page and plan to use it as a platform for outreach. Although I am a new mental health practitioner, I have nearly 15 years of experience as a business owner in the financial industry. I have found that my strength in cultivating and maintaining trusted relationships goes a long way in my business. I believe that my enthusiasm and passion, along with my networking, leadership, and organizational skills will help to support and promote our “Mission to Recognition.”