2017 Student / Intern Director Ballot

2017 Student / Intern Director Ballot

We are pleased to present to you the candidates listed below for the open position of Student / Intern Director on the CALPCC Board of Directors. We hope you will carefully review the qualifications and statements of all candidates before voting.  The candidate’s statements are below the Ballot.

Voting closed on June 19, 2017 .  Thank you!

Slate for Student / Intern Director
Select ONE (1) from the following three (3) candidates, who are presented in alphabetical order.

Katherine Caldwell
Assistant Director of Education
Optimum Performance Institute

Currently I work in education at an RTC focusing on clinically complex cases, ranging from BPD, Schizotypal PD, OCPD and Bipolar I, to ASD. In this role I work with these complex cases to help students get the correct services and resources necessary for living and succeeding with difficult diagnoses. I will bring in the reflective experience of transitioning from non-clinical (school counseling) to clinical counseling to the board. I would like to be on the board in order to become a part of advocacy efforts of getting LPCCs further recognized throughout the mental health care system in our state. I believe in advocacy for our clients, which begins with advocacy in our profession.

Lauren Lyon
Clinical Career Counselor
Pepperdine University
PCCI 1789

As an Intern Board Member I look forward to advocating for future LPCC’s in California. Being that LPCC is still fairly new to CA, it is an exciting time to promote and support the license. As an intern, I have run into many instances where employers and other mental health professionals are still unaware that the LPCC is a legitimate license in CA or are unsure what the scope of practice is for a PCCI/LPCC. it would be an honor to be part of the team that will help CALPCC grow. I have extensive public speaking skills and have 2 years experience as a PCCI in K-12 and higher education. I am highly motivated to learn about state-wide advocacy for my professional organization and am looking forward to this opportunity.

Chris Wehrle
Adult and Adolescent Counselor
Union of Pan Asian Communities
PCCI 790

As the past Student/Intern Board Member, I have been honored to assist the committee in pursuing its vision of empowering early professionals and students within the counseling profession to flourish and meet their goals. Serving in this capacity over the past few months has solidified my interest to partake in advocating and promoting the LPCC licensure in California for years to come. The experience of being an active PCCI and CALPCC Board member has exposed me to a new arena of our profession I like to call the “behind the scenes workers.” My goal is to maintain a CALPCC Board position and work voluntarily behind the scenes to advance our licensure through promoting the visibility of CALPCC and PCCI’s with our colleagues. My skills of being organized, goal driven, an effective communicator and networker, and passionate to assist the developing professional, are key assets to this Board position.