Call for Nominations 2014


Deadline for submission – Friday, April 18th

CALPCC has a 15-member Board of Directors, including six Officers: President, President Elect, Past President, Treasurer, Treasurer-Elect and Secretary. Because the current President-Elect needed to resign from this position in February, we now must elect both a President and a President-Elect. In order to run for either of these offices, a member must have served on the CALPCC Board for at least one year.

The Nominating Committee is seeking candidates for five Director positions. Four positions will be elected by Professional Members and one position will be elected by Students/Intern Members. The following is the 2014 election timeline:

  • April 18: Applications for Candidacy are due
  • May 21: The Nominating Committee will present a slate to the membership for a vote
  • June 4: Ballots are due

In developing the voting slate, the Nominating Committee will take into consideration geographic representation and counseling specialties represented in the membership. The Committee will be looking for the skills and experiences that will enable candidates to take leadership roles with committees or key projects to move CALPCC forward. We are looking for candidates with previous board and committee experience. We are particularly looking for marketing, leadership, organizational, advocacy, legislative, and financial skills.

Criteria for Board Membership:Committee Descriptions:
  1. Board Directors must maintain California residency during their term of office.
  2. Board Directors must be CALPCC Members in good standing during their term of office.
  3. Board Directors hold a graduate degree in counseling or related field. (Given the delays in processing applications with the BBS, Directors will not be required to hold a license until the 2015 election.) The Student/Intern Board Member must be enrolled in a graduate counseling program, or be registered, or be in the application process as a PCC Intern, by October 1, 2014.
  4. Board candidates must agree to attend regular board meetings (currently two-hour monthly meetings held by conference call on the second Friday of the month from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.) and be timely with Board activities.
  5. In order to accomplish our work on the board, each Board Member, who is not serving as an Officer, must act as a Committee Chair, Co-Chair, or Manager of a key project each year.
  6. Candidates must be willing to attend at least one committee meeting per month by conference call.

Membership Committee
Implement recruitment and outreach strategies to attract potential members, both professionals and students/interns. Work with CALPCC Board to prioritize and enhance member services at this stage of the organization’s development in order to retain membership.

Marketing Committee
Co-ordinate messaging. Collaborate with Executive Director and others to ensure that language used for website,advertising, presentations and related resources is consistent.Design promotional materials & activities with emphasison potential employers of LPCCs and the general public.Develop and implement social media strategy; monitor andpost information to CALPCC social media accounts.

Education Committee
Plan & co-ordinate regional and/or statewide CALPCC workshops and conferences. Coordinate Counselor Educator’s Consortium of statewide counseling faculty.

Legislative Committee
Review and follow active legislation affecting LPCCs and make recommendations for support or oppose positions as needed.

Ethics Committee
Educate the membership about the ACA Code of Ethics. Respond to requests for interpretations of the ACA Code of Ethics. Process complaints of alleged violations of the ACA Code of Ethics against CALPCC members

Insurance Committee
Advocate for LPCCs to be included as providers for private insurance companies and update the insurance spreadsheet on the Members Only page. Monitor insurance companies and educate the membership on trending issues.

Regional Networking Groups
Contact CALPCC members in your region and arrange networking meetings.


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