Form – CE – Proposal for Continuing Education Events

  • Budget

    Expenses and projected income (enter if needed)
  • Financial Procedures for Regional Events

    • The CALPCC Treasurer will approve the event budget.
    • Income: Attendees will register with a credit card on the CALPCC website, so the Regional Coordinators do not handle registrations fees.
    • Expense Reimbursement: Two options:
      • Regional Coordinator submits an invoice to the CALPCC Treasurer (, who will pay expenses directly to the vendor, speaker, facility, etc.
      • If the Regional Coordinator pays up-front expenses out-of-pocket, he or she can put them on a personal credit card and submit the receipts with the CALPCC reimbursement form to the CALPCC Treasurer, who will reimburse quickly.
  • Responsibility Statement

    I have read and understand the procedures required to hold a CALPCC Regional Event. I agree to carefully monitor the process required for Continuing Education Events and agree to submit the required documents in a timely manner.